Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Judgement Day 

Saw this great show over the holidays.

"String Metal"

Two brothers seriously rocking out, convulsing...on violin and cello. There is also a drummer.

I first saw them opening for my good friend's fiance's group Arnocore which is also performance art at its finest.

I talked to the Judgement Day violinist awhile back after the Arnocore show. You could tell he was a sweet guy, a slightly nervous 23 year old classically unlike his on-stage persona. I told him I thought they were really onto something with this "string metal" genre. He said they rarely played because each brother attended separate colleges now and were also in multiple other groups.

I was telling my friend Guatam about Judgement Day on New Years and he said he once saw this German Metal group that was made up of 3 bagpipes and an acoustic guitar. It had some crazy German name I can't remember. We decided it would be cool to see the two unorthodox metal groups face off some day.

Watch the trailer from their last show here:


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