Wednesday, September 20, 2006


It is my birthday and i know i should write some profound post about how i feel cheated out of my youth by all these 30-40-somes i surround myself with. Or rant on my favorite fitting country music lyrics... "I'm muuuch too young to feel this damnnn old...." Go Garth.

But no, today, I'm going to blog about my friend Steven.

Steven was the first new guy i met when i moved here six months ago. He is also one of those people that knows everyone--networker, connector extraordinaire.

Through Steven, I have met hordes of other interesting folks from silicon valley to hayes valley. Steven does more networking in a night then i do in a week, and more stunningly to this girl who needs her savignon blanc to power through menial small talk, he does it all completely sober.

But, energy aside, the real blog-worthy story here is Steven's shirts (right).

Steven has this amazing ability to pull off extremely loud shirts. From salmon to lime green, he will wear them all with style even in a fashion-conscious social setting.

Now those who know me understand i have no business talking clothes or fashion of any sort, so rest assured, this is my way of applauding what i see as unabashed individuality. i love it.

The older I get the the more I realize how much individuality really does matter. There are a ton of talented, attractive, successful people out there. But to be candid, a lot of them are boring. The people that stand out to me are the ones who have the extra interesting qualities. The unique take on life, the underrepresented talent, that extraordinary capacity to lead people or the ability to maintain complete confidence while wearing a salmon shirt and pin striped pants.


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